Dance of the Flaming Arseholes - Bugis Street


Late Evening Entertainment - Corps Day 1969

Bugis Street in the 60s was made up of two streets that resembled a T-junction. In the middle of the junction was a toilet block.  The place stank to high heaven. When you urinated it went onto the floor. You had no choice but to walk in the urine. The stench of ammonia was unbelievable.

If you wanted a crap, well that was even worse. You would have to put up one hand against the door to stop any Kai Tai's fom coming in while the other hand was over your nose to stop the smell of the crap already filling the bowl. If you were smart you had your own paper, if not, well . . . !  The roof of the toilet block was a favourite place for Aussie and Kiwi sailors to perform their ritual  'Dance of the Flaming Arseholes'

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